Christine Todd Whitman On The Importance of Land Use Changes

There is an interesting weblog on January 2 2007 by Christine Todd Whitman on the weblog of the Weather Channel. [You need to scroll down to see it]. It is titled “Land Use Changes” and has the text at the beginning of her weblog,

“Land use changes have as great an impact as greenhouse gas emissions. Changes in farming practices, the deforestation of large areas and the rapid pace of development are stressing our environment and reducing nature’s natural ability to absorb carbon.”

Ms. Whitman, of course, was EPA Administrator in the early years of the current President Bush administration and 50th Governor of New Jersey(see).

While her weblog is brief and she does not go into any depth on her statement, it certainly agrees with the conclusion presented in the NASA press release (Landcover Changes May Rival Greenhouse Gases As Cause Of Climate Change).

This is a conclusion that has been documented in a number of peer reviewed papers that have been summarized on Climate Science (see).

We hope that the upcoming IPCC report will be as enlightened in their assessment of the diverse role of human climate forcings.

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