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The Weblog Is Retiring

After writing this weblog since July 2005, I have decided to retire it.  It has been a very effective venue to present a wider range of viewpoints than were typically available elsewhere during the earlier period of my posts. In recent years, of course, a range of excellent weblogs that serve this purpose have appeared [e.g. see the long list of weblogs (cataloged by their different perspectives) at the right hand side of  Watts Up with That.  Most of them also permit Comments, which I stopped doing several years ago.

I want to spend more of my time on research papers.  The time I have been using to prepare the weblog posts can now be used effectively on peer-reviewed research papers. I also am completing the third edition of my modeling book, which will require significant time.

The past weblog posts will remain on-line for the indefinite future.  I very much appreciate all of the excellent input from the readers of my weblog! I plan to continue to publish and will be using that venue to present my views.

With Best Wishes to All of You!


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My Climate Science Weblog Will Be Offline Wednesday August 19 2009

Climate Science will be offline Wednesday August 19 2009 in order to convert over to a new version of Word Press.  This important upgrade is courtesy of Anthony Watts [of Watts up With That]. Anthony is contributing to an improved understanding of climate science in many ways, and this is just one of his thoughtful contributions!  Thanks Anthony!

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