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Donations To Climate Science

Thanks to a very kind gift from James L. Waters, Climate Science has received funds to support a variety of activities for which no previous funds were available. This includes funds to travel to Washington D. C. when invited to testify to Congress. 

The availability of these funds has permitted an account to be set up at the University of Colorado Foundation where additional gifts/donations can be sent if there is interest. I am deeply appreciative to James L. Waters for his support which has permitted the identification of this new avenue to communicate a much needed wider diversity of climate science information.

If readers of Climate Science are interested in being a donor, you can send a check written out to the CU Foundation (very important that it is made out to the CU Foundation for tax purposes).  Please indicate that it should be mailed to the attention of

Kevin Vasquez 1305 University Ave. Boulder, Colorado, 80302. 303-541-1490 (Phone)

and indicate that it is for research in climate science under the direction of Roger A. Pielke Sr.

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