Message From R.A. Pielke Sr.

Posted November 27, 2007
As a result of very positive encouragement from many Climate Science readers, I have decided to relaunch the website. The format will be different than in the past, however, in that comments will not be permitted. The posting of information will not be on a schedule, but when new information on a climate science issue is available that is otherwise not very visible, or has been misrepresented in the media.

The presentation of climate science in the media, unfortunately, remains biased, as has been documented numerous times on Climate Science. Thus, I have decided to reenter this mechanism of providing information. While comments will not be permitted on the website, guest presentations will be invited when there is value in providing this source of information.

Climate Science will thus provide a source of information on climate that, hopefully, will be useful to others, as part of a much needed effort to provide a balanced view of climate science.

Thanks to those who have found my website of value and take the time to read it!

Posted November 4, 2005
The Climate Science weblog has been successful in communicating climate
change issues. The comments have almost always been collegial and
constructive. We will continue to post information on the weblog that is
not readily accessible elsewhere. The hope is that your views on climate
science are broadened as a result of reading the weblogs. Please continue
to submit comments as appropriate.

Posted July 11, 2005
We are initiating a new blog specifically focused on climate science issues. Among the topics to be presented are views on the science that are not receiving much if any attention in the science community even though the research is appearing in the scientific literature. In addition, this forum provides a venue for the prompt dissemination of new scientific insight, as well as issues with balance in the discussion of the role of human disturbance of the climate system as reported in national and international assessments, and in published papers.

The views presented in the blog will necessarily have our perspective. There is an opportunity for comments to be posted, however, as long as they are courteous and professionally presented. We will have the option of not listing these comments if we find them to not fit this requirement.