New Report “Gulf Coast Climate Information Needs Assessment” By Hal Needham and Lynne Carter

There was an interesting survey of stakeholders in the report

Gulf Coast Climate Information Needs Assessment

by Hal Needham and Dr. Lynne Carter.

Here are two examples of a question and the answer:

Research Question: Coast region today ….Identify present weather/climate issues impacting your community today AND if you have any interest in how other communities are dealing with similar issues.

Most significant climate-related issues in region today:

1. Hurricanes
2. Storm Surge
3. Rainfall Flood
4. Wind Storm
5. Sea level rise

Most significant climate-related issues for the region in the future?

1. Hurricanes
2. Storm surge
3. Rainfall Flood
4. Sea level rise
5. Windstorm

They also asked

Have you noticed any changes related to a changing climate

and they summarized as

Nearly even split between ‘yes” and ‘no’ responses

Many ‘yes’ respondents provided specific examples

Of the 26 ‘no’ responses, 16 further noted that they had seen changes but they were due to natural cycles.

With respect to the use of climate models, they wrote

About one-half said they might be interested in using climate outputs but their time frames were much shorter than the 25 and 100 year outputs

While few respondents are using long-term climate projections in their decision making, many provided examples of how they might use such information in the future.

Of the total of 48 responses to this question, 21 stated clearly they were not interested in using long-term climate model projections.


Time frames: mostly shorter than the 25-100 years for most climate models, rather more like two-weeks to one year.

We need more such assessments by stakeholder, as this fits in the bottom-up, resource-based perspective that we have urged be adopted in our paper

Pielke, R. A., Sr., R. Wilby,  D. Niyogi, F. Hossain, K. Dairuku,J. Adegoke, G. Kallos, T. Seastedt, and K. Suding (2012), Dealing with complexity and extreme events using a bottom-up, resource-based vulnerability perspective, in Extreme Events and Natural Hazards: The Complexity Perspective, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., vol. 196, edited by A. S. Sharma et al. 345–359, AGU, Washington, D. C., doi:10.1029/2011GM001086. [the article can also be obtained from here]

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