Summary Of Arctic Ice Decline – Recommendations For Investigation Of The Cause(s)

source of top image from the Cryosphere Today

I was alerted to an interesting short movie of the Arctic ice decline;

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There will be quite a bit of discussion of the upcoming minimum areal extent (which is likely to be a record minimum) in the coming weeks.  My suggestion is we need (for the period 1979 to the present)

i) a presentation of what the CMIP5 models have predicted when run in a hindcast mode,

ii) analyses of lower tropospheric and surface temperature anomalies by season for the Arctic sea ice regions,

iii) analyses of the export volume of sea ice out of the Arctic ocean basin,

iv) analyses of black carbon (soot) deposition on the sea ice,


v) analyses of turbulent shearing stress at the surface (which will affect waves and vertical overturning rates of sea ice, such as during storms).

Readers who are aware of such studies are invited to send to me, and I will post on.

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