Update On The October 11 2011 Post “Guest Post By Richard Berler Chief Meteorologist KGNS TV Laredo, TX”

This week, I received the e-mail below, and with the permission of Rodger Getz and Richard Berler have posted them here. It is with respect to the post

Guest Post By Richard Berler Chief Meteorologist KGNS TV Laredo, TX

On Tue, 7 Feb 2012, Rodger R. Getz wrote:

Mr. Berler-

I recently came across your guest post on Roger Pielke Sr’s blog concerning the problems with the KLRD weather observation. I certainly agree that there are problems in getting the NWS to deal with chronically bad weather observations. We deal with this issue every day and can attest to the indifference demonstrated by most people in the NWS and other agencies. Personally, I have dealt with this for 20 years in the NWS and now 16 in the private sector.

However, I must correct a serious error in your posting. The KLRD weather station is a “AWSS” configuration, NOT a “AWIS” configuration. There is no AWIS weather package deployed by the FAA or other agencies. I was rather amused to find that AWIS was being blasted in your blog post and in a posting by Anthony Watts on watssupwiththat.com. I realize it was probably an innocent slip of the fingers and mistakenly use AWIS instead of AWSS. I came across all of this while searching for postings made about my company.

I would have posted a note about this on the blog, but comments have been closed.


Rodger R. Getz, President and CEO AWIS Weather Services, Inc. P.O. Box 3267 Auburn, AL      36831-3267

Richard’s reply on Feb 7 2012  is

Hi Roger and Rodger,

Thanks for the e-mail.

I have HEARD “AWSS” in conversation often enough (SOUNDS like “AWIS”) that it has registered as AWIS in my head (and writing)! ASOS/AWSS are similar, and are operated by the FAA at airports around the country. AWOS is a more basic system that does not report cloud/ceiling data or precipitation type. Laredo has an AWSS (which has been accurate as far as temperatures are concerned since a sensor was replaced July 2011).

I am sorry if there was any confusion on the part of clients or potential clients of AWIS Weather Services, Inc. concerning my mistaken use “AWIS” instaed of “AWSS”! The two are totally independent of each other!


Richard “Heatwave” Berler, CBM Chief Meteorologist KGNS TV Laredo, TX

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