Response From George Taylor On The Oregon Debate On Climate Science

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Inadequate Poll Of Views On Climate Science By Scott Learn Of The Oregonian – But At Least An Opportunity To Debate The Climate Issue

George Taylor and I exchanged the e-mails below. George was in the debate in Oregon sponsored by the state chapter of the American Meteorological Society.  I am pleased that George is leading an effort for constructive debate on the climate issue.

George’s Comment On The Debate

Thanks, Roger. Good to hear from you. All in all it went well. There were over 500 people in attendance! I stated out loud that “human activities DO affect climate, in a variety of ways. CO2, in my opinion, exerts a relatively minor influence but there are many other human factors, such as land use change and particulate emissions, that influence climate. All in all, however, it is my opinion that natural variations, notably solar radiation and tropical Pacific SST, have exerted a greater influence on GLOBAL climate than have human activities.”

You were the one who influenced my thinking, years ago, on the multiplicity of human influences!


My Reply

Hi George

It is good to hear from you!

Can I post your e-mail below on my weblog? In terms of global, I have concluded that the global average of surface temperature, etc, is almost a worthless metric, as what really matters is the extent (and if) large scale regional circulation patterns are changed. If we [convince] the IPCC (and AMS and AGU leadership) that they are looking at the wrong metrics, we might be able to make some progress. :-)

With Best Regards


P.S. Can I post your e-mail below on my weblog?

George’s Response

Absolutely. And I concur about “global temp” and said so last night. The McKitrick-Essex book has a chapter on the meaninglessness of that statistic, and I referred to that.

Sure, use my email!


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