House Testimony And Follow-Up Q&A Is Published On The March 8 2011 “Climate Science And EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulation” Subcommittee Hearing

In March 2011 I testified to a US House Subcommittee

Pielke Sr., R.A. 2011: . Oral Talk  Testimony to the House Subcommittee on Energy and Power.

My written testimony is here. The Hearing can be viewed at their Website.

The published version of the testimonies are now available in written form.

Serial No. 112-16 — Climate Science and EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations, March 8, 2011 TEXT194K| PDF22M dbname=112_house_hearings&docid=f:66704.wais

There is some interesting information, particularly in the Q&A part. For example, in  a question from Congressman Whitfield:

Mr. Whitfield: I know that you can pick out isolated events in anything, but you hear this so frequently with IPCC, it is disserving in many ways. So just yes or no, on the IPCC in general, do you have confidence in what they are doing?Dr. Somerville.

Mr. Somerville. I certainly do have confidence, very isolated instances.

Mr. Whitfield: Dr. Christy?

Mr. Christy. Yes and no.

Mr. Whitfield. Yes, no, oK. Dr. Field?

Mr. Field. Yes, I have confidence.

Mr. Whitfield. Dr. Pielke?

Mr. Pielke. No.

Mr. Whitfield. Dr. Zwiers?

Mr. Zwiers. Yes.

Mr. Whitfield: Dr. Nadelhoffer?

Mr. Nadelhoffer. As a reviewer of IPCC reports, I have confidence.

Mr. Whitfield. OK. Do you have a comment, Dr. Roberts?

Mr. Roberts. I do not have a confidence.

Also, after the meeting, we were asked to submit answers to questions sent to us by Members after the Hearing. All of us replied except as reported in the report

Dr. Zwiers declined to answer the submitted questions for the  record.

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