New Paper Just Accepted “The Pacific Sea Surface Temperature” By David H. Douglass 2011

David Douglass has alerted us to a new paper that was just accepted for publication.  It extends the results reported in his paper

Topology of Earths climate indices and phase-locked states David H. Douglass Physics Letters A 374 (2010) 4164–4168

The new paper is

David H. Douglass, 2011: The Pacific Sea Surface Temperature accepted by Physics Letters A.

The abstract reads

        The Pacific sea surface temperature data contains two components: NL, a signal that exhibits the familiar El Niño/La Niña phenomenon and NH, a signal of one-year period. Analysis reveals: (1) The existence of an annual solar forcing FS; (2) NH is phase locked directly to FS while NL is frequently  phase locked to the 2nd or 3rd subharmonic of FS.  At least ten distinct subharmonic time segments of NL since 1870 are found. The beginning or end dates of these segments have a near one-to-one correspondence with the abrupt climate changes previously reported. Limited predictability is possible.

When the page proofs arrive David will put them on his publication list web page.

David e-mailed that if he had been able to attend the Santa Fe meeting this week he would have “shouted” that calculating trends across a climate shift has no meaning.

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