April/May 2011 Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment [SORCE] Newsletter Available

The April/May 2011 Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE) Monthly Newsletter is available. Among the informative information in the newsletter is the announcement of the meeting

2011 SORCE Meeting – Decadal Cycles in the Sun, Sun-like Stars, and Earth’s Climate System – Sept. 13-16, 2011 Sedona, Arizona

with the session and speakers

Session 1 – Solar Irradiance Cycles

Matt DeLand, SSAI, Maryland Solar Cycle UV Irradiance Variability
Thierry Dudok de Wit, CNRS & Univ. of Orléans, France New Methods of Modeling the Solar Cycle Variations
Greg Kopp, LASP, Univ. of Colorado Status and Record of TSI Measurements
Judith Lean, NRL, Washington, DC Implications of Measurement Stability from Comparisons to Solar Regression Models
Peter Pilewskie, LASP, Univ. of Colorado SSI and Climate
Erik Richard, LASP, Univ. of Colorado Future SSI Record for JPSS TSIS
Werner Schmutz, PMOD/WRC, Davos, Switzerland PREMOS TSI Results
Yvonne Unruh, Imperial College, London Modeling SSI
Richard Willson, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Recent ACRIM Calibrations

Session 2 – Comparative Sun-Star Cycles

Tom Ayres, CASA, Univ. of Colorado What about the other Suns?
Ben Brown, University of Wisconsin-Madison Modeling Sun-like Stars
Wes Lockwood, Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona Solar Variability after Dark: Photometric Evidence from Stars and Planets
Travis Metcalfe, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado Monitoring CA II H and K for Southern Solar-type Stars
Richard Radick, Air Force Res. Lab., NSO, Sunspot, NM Sun-like Stars Cycle Variations

Session 3 – Climate Sensitivity and Global Energy Imbalance

Andrew Dessler, Texas A&M University Observational Constraints on the Water Vapor and Cloud Feedbacks
Seiji Kato, NASA Langley Research Center Constancy/Stability of Earth’s Albedo
Gerald North, Texas A&M University Climate Sensitivity
Brian Soden, Rosenstiel School, Univ. of Miami, FL Climate Feedbacks
Kevin E. Trenberth, NCAR, Boulder, Colorado Tracking Earth’s Energy: From El Niño to Global Warming

Session 4 – Climate System Decadal Variability

Pat Hamill, San Jose State Univ., California Stratospheric Aerosols
Karin Labitzke, Prof.em. Freie Universität Berlin On the QBO-Solar Relationship Throughout the Year
Vikram Mehta, CRCES, Maryland Sun-Climate Variability
Mark Serreze, National Snow & Ice Data Center, CIRES, Univ. of Colorado Ice and Snow
Bill Swartz, John Hopkins University, APL Decadal Variability in the Atmosphere

Session 5 – Modeling and Forecasting Solar Cycles and Climate Impacts

Robert Cahalan, NASA GSFC Modeling Climate Change with SSI Variations
Judith Lean, NRL, Washington, DC Forecasting Solar Irradiance and Climate Change
Kyle Swanson, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Climate Regime Shifts
Tom Woods, LASP, Univ. of Colorado State of Sun – SC 24

From my view, the invited attendees are not going to provide a balanced perspective of the issues in climate science. For example, why was not David Douglass, Graeme Stephens, Roy Spencer, Anastasios Tsonis and Sergev Kravtsov, or Dick Lindzen included in the Climate Sensitivity and Global Energy Imbalance session? They have a different perspective and conclusions than will be represented by the invitees listed in Session 3. This would have been an excellent opportunity for a constructive debate among the attendees.

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