Interesting Late Season 2011 Ski Conditions At Aspen Colorado

 Courtesy Photo/Aspen Daily News
A group of travelers dig out a wet slide blocking the road on Independence Pass, east of the summit. The road was blocked for about 20 minutes. It was the second slide encountered in a quarter of a mile [source of image]

I am going to post on the unuusal late 2010-2011 snow pack and water in an upcoming weblog post. In preparing that post, the news article of May 29 2011 from the Aspen Daily News is worth reading –

Summer skiing surprise

Excerpts read

“Heavy snows spoil weekend holiday plans in the West,” read an Associated Press headline blasted across the nation Saturday morning.

“Don’t tell that to the estimated 1,700 or so folks who rode the Silver Queen Gondola Saturday to make turns on the 71-inch base that still lingers at the top of Aspen Mountain, which reopened this weekend to the delight of skiers and snowboarders. With 25 runs and 136 acres of skiing in the offering, conditions resembled late March more than late May, at least at the top of the mountain.”

“Amazing fact of the year: The base at the top of Aspen Mountain is larger than it was when the ski area shut down for the winter season on April 10, and is about double what it was on New Year’s. It wasn’t the biggest winter ever in terms of snow accumulation, but one could say it had a long tail, with one of the coldest and wettest springs on record.”

“This year marks the third time in the last 20 or so years that Aspen Mountain opened for an early-summer second helping of skiing. The previous two times were in 2008 and 1995.”

This article  highlights the very late spring this year in this part of the USA.

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