Set Of Interviews Of Climate Scientists By Hans Von Storch

Hans von Storch has interviewed a number of climate scientists (including me) in the Atmospheric Sciences Section of the AGU Newsletter as well as in Interviews of eminent scientist prepared by Hans von Storch.

The scientists Hans has interviewed so far are:

  • von Storch, H. and K. Fraedrich, 1996: Interview mit Prof. Hans Hinzpeter, Eigenverlag MPI für Meteorologie, Hamburg; in German
  • von Storch, H., J. Sündermann and L. Magaard, 2000: Interview with Klaus Wyrtki. GKSS Report 99/E/74; in English
  • von Storch, H., and K. Hasselmann, 2003: Interview mit Reimar Lüst.GKSS Report 2003/16, 39 pp; in German
  • von Storch, H., G. Kiladis and R. Madden, 2005: Interview with Harry van Loon, GKSS Report2005/8; in English
  • von Storch H., and D. Olbers, 2007: Interview with Klaus Hasselmann, GKSS Report 2007/5; in English, 67 pp
  • von Storch, H., and K. Hasselmann, 2010: Seventy Years of Exploration in Oceanography. A prolonged weekend discussion with Walter Munk. Springer Publisher, 137pp, DOI 10.1007/978-3-642-12087-9 

This interview series will be continued, but is limited to people which deserve respect because of their remarkable scientific and personal integrity.

An interesting interview, done by William Aspray in 1986 with Philip Thomson on the history of numerical weather prediction (mainly in the 1940s and 1950s) is avaiable from the Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota.

  1. July 2009 Heinz Wanner
  2. September 2009 Réne Laprise
  3. November 2009 Raino Heino
  4. January 2010 Christoph Kottmeier
  5. June 2010 Aristita Busuioc
  6. August 2010 Roger A. Pielke, sr.
  7. November 2010 Nanne Weber
  8. December 2010 Alan Robock.
  9. March 2010 Gebriele Hegerl.

There is also an interview of Martin Claussen, Guy Brasseur and Stefan Rahmstorf reported on Hans’s weblog post Interview mit Rahmstorf, Brasseur und Claußen in ZEO2 but it is in German [Google translator, however, can be used to read the text].

Im Gespräch: Stefan Rahmstorf, Guy Brasseur, Martin Claußen [from this url].

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