Excellent Presentation Of Land Use/Land Cover Effects On Climate By Dev Niyogi Of Purdue

There is an excellent powerpoint presentation by Dev Niyogi of Purdue University at the 15th Annual LCLUC Science Team Meeting, March 28-30th 2011 at the University of Maryland. It is

The Impacts of LCLUC Change: Energy Balance and Climate

The question he poses is

“Is there a detectable relation between LULCC as a driver for weather and climate change – and what is needed to understand this further?

The entire set of viewgraphs is a valuable addition to our understanding of the role of land cover/land use change [LCLUC] within the climate system. Dev’s insightful conclusions from his talk are:

  • LULCC has a profound impact on the regional‐scale surface energy and water balance and where it has been intensive.
  • Growing detectable evidence about weather and climatic feedbacks and possible teleconnections associated with LULCC.
  • The LULCC impact is likely on a par with other major global forcings but unlike warming seen from GHG emissions , LULCC forcing is multi directional and can warm/ cool, cause positive/negative feedbacks depending on the region and timing.
  • The fact that the impact of LULCC is small with respect to the global average radiative forcing, with the exception of emissions of CO2, is, however, not a relevant metric as the essential resources of food, water, energy, human health and ecosystem function respond to regional and local climate not to a global average.

Without a complete assessment of the role of LULCC on climate, an incomplete understanding of the of humans in the climate system will persist.”

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