Recommended Weblog Post By Joe Daleo At Weather Bell

Over the years, I have always been interested in hurricanes and published the following books,  articles and model results on this subject; e.g.

Pielke, R.A., Jr. and R.A. Pielke, Sr., 1997: Hurricanes: Their nature and impacts on society. John Wiley and Sons, England, 279 pp.

Pielke, Roger A. , 1990:  The Hurricane. ISBN: 978-0-415-61553-2. republished Date: February 28th 2011 Imprint: Routledge Pages: 226 pages (see). 

Simpson, R.G. and R.A. Pielke, 1976: Hurricane development and movement. Invited contribution to Appl. Mechanics Rev., May, 601-609.

Pielke, R.A. and T.J. Lee, 1991: Influence of sea spray and rainfall on the surface wind profile during conditions of strong winds. Bound.-Layer Meteor., 55, 305-308.

Pielke, R.A. Sr., 2002: Foreword. In: Hurricane! Coping with Disaster. R. Simpson, R. Anthes, and M. Garstang. Eds., American Geophysical Union, Special Publication, Vol. 55, Washington, D.C., pgs v-vi.

Hurricane Georges Video of RAMS simulation by Joe Eastman

Today, I read an outstanding summary weblog post by Joe Daleo on the 1938 New England hurricane. He has also provided links to excellent movie footage of this historic storm. He also provides reason that we need to prepare for such an extreme event irregardless of how climate evolves in the coming decades.  His excellent weblog post is

The September Surprise – The Great Hurricane of ’38.

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