Additional Weather Stations In The Netherlands

I posted on a set of climate observing station in the Netherlands in my post

Photographic Metadata For Surface Temperature Observing Sites In The Netherlands.

Thanks to Marcel Severijnen we now have metadata photographic information on other sites within the Netherlands. –  in Dutch

As Marcel told me, the  operational stations in the Netherlands have extensive data and pictures available, even for the very old stations.

If others have such photographs for surface climate locations elsewhere around the world (excluding the USA which Anthony Watts and volunteers have so capably documented) please e-mail the url for them to me. An earlier post of urls with photographs of surface temperature sites was posted in

New Evidence Of Temperature Observing Sites Which Are Poorly Sited With Respect To The Construction Of Global Average Land Surface Temperature Trends.

See also

Jamiyansharav, K., D. Ojima, and R.A. Pielke Sr., 2006: Exposure characteristics of the Mongolian weather stations. Atmospheric Science Paper No. 779, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523, 75 pp.

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