Informative News Article by Margot Roosevelt In The Los Angeles Times On Richard Muller’s Testimony To Congress

There is an informative article in the Los Angeles Times by Margot Roosevelt titled

Critics’ review unexpectedly supports scientific consensus on global warming.

While the title of the article does not indicate it [headlines are usually not chosen by the reporter], the article itself is quite interesting.

Severl  issues with the preliminary presentation of results by Richard Muller are brought out, even by Richard, but also by others in climate science.  These include the following excerpts from the article.

“Thorne said scientists who contributed to the three main studies — by NOAA, NASA and Britain’s Met Office — welcome new peer-reviewed research. But he said the Berkeley team had been “seriously compromised” by publicizing its work before publishing any vetted papers.”

Kevin Trenberth, who heads the Climate Analysis Section of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, a university consortium, said he was “highly skeptical of the hype and claims” surrounding the Berkeley effort. “The team has some good people,” he said, “but not the expertise required in certain areas, and purely statistical approaches are naive.”

Even Richard Muller was quoted as

“Although in his testimony Muller praised the “integrity” of previous studies, he said estimates of human-caused warming need to be “improved.” And despite his preliminary praise for earlier studies, he said further data-crunching “could bring our current agreement into disagreement.”

The one issue with the article, however, is that it ends with erroneous information on other climate metrics by Peter Thorne [see my experiences [documented on my weblog] with Peter Thorne  to get an idea of his biases). Peter Thorne was quoted as saying

Other scientists noted that temperature is only one factor in climate change. “Even if the thermometer had never been invented, the evidence is there from deep ocean changes, from receding glaciers, from rising sea levels and receding sea ice and spring snow cover,” Thorne said.

“All the physical indicators are consistent with a warming world. There is no doubt the trend of temperature is upwards since the early 20th century. And that trend is accelerating.”

I will use just one example from his list of climate metrics  to show that Peter Thorne is misleading the reporter, I have reproduced below the current plots of lower tropospheric temperature anomalies. The trend of temperatures using that climate metric is NOT accelerating, and, indeed, has not even been positive for over 12 years!

Channel TLT Trend Comparison


Peter Thorne now works with Tom Karl and Tom Peterson at NCDC so we can expect more such disinformation on climate metrics from him in coming weeks and months. The rest of the article by Margot Roosevelt is quite informative.

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