Clear Evidence Of A Human-Caused Forcing Of Local Climate

I was alerted by Marshall Shepherd and Phil Mote to this news from the Dodge City Kansas Weather Service Office;

Unusual Snowfall in Dodge City – Jan 19, 2011

An unusual weather setup produced a very narrow and isolated band of snow across parts of Dodge City and Ford county on 1/19/11.  The atmosphere was cold and moist with low clouds and fog preceding the formation of the snow.  It appears that two slaughter plants and a power generating plant contributed to the snow as ice nuclei and copious amounts of water vapor were fed into the boundary layer.  East/southeast winds carried the vapor and nuclei aloft into the lower clouds and then precipitated out as snow downwind of the source.  Snowfall of as much as 0.7″ was reported in the snowfield with no snow observed at all outside of this area.

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