Recommended Book – “Hailstorm: Prediction, Control And Damage Assessment” By P.Kumar

I would like to recommend an excellent book published by BS Publications

“Hailstorm: Prediction, Control And Damage Assessment”

by P. Kumar

Professor Kumar, who is Professor and Head of the Department of Core Engineering and Engineering Sciences at the MAEER’s MIT College of Engineering in Pune, India has writing a valuable book on hail with a focus on India. In his Preface, he reports that an average of 28 persons die each year in India from hailstones with the worst year in the 1990s had 130 deaths.  Property and livestock damage is also serious.

The abstract of the book reads

“Each year damage due to hailstorm to human life, property, livestock, and agriculture is appalling in nature. Broadly two problems enter into the study of hailstorms e.g., the cloud physics problem of the growth of hailstones and the synoptic problem which relates to the thermodynamic investigation of the conditions that produce hailstorms. This book is divided into five main parts which deal with the climatology, physical properties of hail and its measurements, prediction, its control and damage assessment. As the synoptic and topographical conditions widely vary across the Indian subcontinent hence for the purpose of prediction Indian region has been divided in four parts as NE, NW, Central and South Indian region. Separate chapters discuss the typical features of hailstorm formation. Forecasters in any part of the world could find fair order of similarity in the synoptic models discussed amongst the four regions of India, with their regions, too. This book, therefore, should serve weather forecasters, worldwide. The book would provide useful text material to researchers in the field of cloud physics, meteorology, agriculture scientists, weather forecasters and also a reference material to insurance companies which cover the crop and property damage insurance.”

In terms of the physics of hailstorms and of reducing societal vulnerability to hail, this book provides an invaluble resource.

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