Additional Papers On The Role of Aerosols On Precipitation

Yesterday, we posted

Dev Niyogi has thoughtfully forwarded us other papers that show this important role of aerosols on precipitation. They are

 Khain, AP; Leung, LR; Lynn, B, et al., 2009:  Effects of aerosols on the dynamics and microphysics of squall lines simulated by spectral bin and bulk parameterization schemes   JGR-Atmospheres  Volume: 114 Article Number: D22203

Khain, A; Lynn, 2009: Simulation of a supercell storm in clean and dirty atmosphere using weather research and forecast model with spectral bin microphysics   JGR-Atmospheres Volume: 114 Article Number: D19209

Lynn, BH; Carlson, TN; Rosenzweig, C, et al. 2009: A Modification to the NOAH LSM to Simulate Heat Mitigation Strategies in the New York City Metropolitan Area     J. of Applied Meteorology and Climatology Volume: 48 Issue: 2 Pages: 199-216

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