Recommended Reading – A Weblog Post On Climate Etc Titled “Pakistan On My Mind” By Judy Curry And Peter Webster

There is an excellent post on the weblog Climate Etc by Judith Curry and Peter Webster titled

Pakistan on my mind

Their text includes the insightful recommendations

“While climate researchers and policy makers ponder whether the flood can be attributed to global warming, it seems to us that this emphasis diverts attention from actually using climate, meteorological and hydrological knowledge and research in the application of pressing current needs in the developing world.  Substantial benefits would accrue directly for developing countries, as well as indirectly for other countries concerned with global security, by applying advanced research and technologies to support:

  • improved river routing models for major rivers
  • advanced techniques for providing probabilistic flood forecasts on timescales exceeding two days and integration of these forecasts into early warning systems, preparedness and contingency plans, and rehabilitation measures
  • improved probabilistic rainfall forecasts on timescales of days to weeks to enable farmers to optimize agricultural decision making regarding planting and harvesting.”
  • application of advanced dynamical and statistical methods to assess future risk of floods and droughts, and integrate this information into engineering assessments for future water structures

Their weblog provides a very well written and effective documentation of the application of the reduction of societal and environmental vulnerability perspective that has been discussed, for example, in the weblog post

A Way Forward In Climate Science Based On A Bottom-Up Resourse-Based Perspective

Judy Curry and Peter Webster weblog post Pakistan on my mind should be required reading.

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