Presentation In Golden Colorado July 22 2010 By Susan Solomon “Climate Change: A Challenge For Our Times”

I was alerted to a presentation by Susan Solomon tomorrow in Golden, Colorado (thanks to Mark Kutchenreiter for alerting us to this!).

The presentation is sponsored by CRES – Colorado Renewable Energy Society. The announcement reads

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DATE: Thursday, July 22
TIME: 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Jefferson Unitarian Church
14350 W. 32nd Avenue, Golden
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Climate Change: A Challenge for Our Times

Dr. Susan Solomon


Our planet is warmer today than it was a century ago. Understanding how temperatures are increasing around the world, how ice is melting at the poles, and how rain is decreasing in key regions are among the critical issues attracting the attention of the public, scientists, and policymakers worldwide. Recent work has also shown that man made warming, that takes place due to increases in carbon dioxide concentration, is nearly irreversible for more than 1000 years after emissions stop. Human choices in the next several decades can be expected to have an enduring impact on our planet. Join us to discuss how our and why our climate is changing, some of its impacts on humans & natural systems, and how it is expected to change in the future.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Susan Solomon
Co-Chair of the Science Working Group I of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Dr. Susan Solomon has altered the course of atmospheric research through her pioneering role in the international scientific community’s efforts to discover the cause of depleted atmospheric ozone in the Antarctic, known as the ozone “hole.” Her research has also helped institute a global ban on chemicals that destroy atmospheric ozone and threaten human health worldwide. (Read more on Dr. Susan Solomon)
CRES – Colorado Renewable Energy Society
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Her presentation provides valuable insight into the perspective that will be reported in the next IPCC report. She, unfortunately, continues to perpetuate the view that the dominate human climate forcing is the radiative effect of human added carbon dioxide.  While I cannot attend her seminar, if anyone does, please ask her regarding the broader perspective that we present in our paper

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