Meeting On The Role Of Land Biospheric Processes Within The Climate System

I received another announcment of a meeting which further illustrates that there continues to be a movement to broaden the assessment of the role of humans in the climate system beyond the IPCC narrow focus on the global average radiative forcing of CO2.

Below is the announcement I received

Subject: 6th GINKGO-meeting, Frankfurt am Main, 30. Sep + 1. Oct 2010

Dear colleagues,

GINKGO is an initiative that aims at bundling activities in research on
climate and land biosphere (see We would like toinvite you to the 6th GINKGO meeting at the Biodiversity and Climate ResearchCenter (BiK-F) in Frankfurt am Main. The meeting will start on Thursday, 30thSeptember at ca 13:00h and it will end on Friday 1st October at ca 14:00. Themeeting will take place in the Juegelhaus, Building C, Mertonstrasse 17-21,Frankfurt am Main.

This meeting focuses on aspect of global versus regional modeling. We wouldlike to discuss the questions: What can we learn for global/regional models?How can we scale the processes between global and regional models? How can weintegrate global and regional models? This focus includes all aspects of earth system modelling, e.g. vegetation, climate and land use. This focus does,however, not exclude other topics; all contributions are welcome.

Please contact me ( to register for the meeting. If you want to give a presentation please indicate the title. Please do alsoindicate if you want to join the dinner on Thursday evening. Attached is alist of hotels.

We hope to see you in Frankfurt,

Simon Scheiter and Steven Higgins

Simon Scheiter
Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (LOEWE BiK-F)

Department of Physical Geography
Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main
Altenhoeferallee 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main
Tel: ++49 (0)69 798-40167
Fax: ++49 (0)69 798-40169

For more information on ther GINKGO-network see:

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