Adaptive Governance and Climate Change – Book Reviewed By Madhav Khandekar

Madhav Khandekar has an informative review of the book “Adaptative Governance and Climate Change” by Ronald D. Brunner and Amanda H. Lynch.

The review includes such insightful comments as

“The emergence of adaptive governance in recent years at local and regional levels is described as an outgrowth of UNFCCC’s unsuccessful attempts to come to terms with developed vs developing nations on GHG targets. The adaptive governance approach is characterized as a ‘bottoms up’ approach to climate change rather than the ‘top down’ approach taken by UNFCCC and its ongoing process of negotiating world-wide GHG targets.”


“The book presents a refreshing look at the climate change issue and how to cope with future climate change impacts. This is a significant departure from the IPCC’s mitigation approach, which has been stymied so far, due to lack of political will and many other socioeconomic parameters. The concept of a simple adaptation strategy is now gaining traction and this book provides a useful background on how this can become more effective and more acceptable in future.”

Read the entire Review here  

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