World Cup and Snow?

There is an interesting possibility of snow on Friday in Captown on Friday; see

World Cup Fans May Be Treated to Snowfall

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Big chill about to hit World Cup visitors

This article by Angelique Serrao starts with

“For those who thought they were cold at the Kick-Off Celebration Concert last week, you haven’t felt anything yet.

While tourists from those colder climates up north might laugh at squeamish Joburgers, even they are advised to pack a warm jacket in the coming week.

Temperatures are set to plummet from a high of 19degC yesterday to a maximum of 10C today.

The SA Weather Service has forecast that the rest of the week won’t get much warmer and those heading to Pretoria to watch the South Africa versus Uruguay match tomorrow might be faced with a minimum of -3degC.

The SA Weather Service has warned of very cold conditions, although no snow is forecast in Joburg. Snow could fall in the Free State and Northern Cape.”

This cold and perhaps wet (snowy?) weather is a good mix of weather (climate) and soccer!

Readers who want to view the official forecasts for South Africa can obtain from


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