Comment On News Article On Weather Modification Titled “”Playing With Weather Stirs Debate In China”

There is a remarkable news article claim on November 11 2009 with respect to weather modification. It is titled “Playing with weather stirs debate in China“.

The article includes the text

“Chinese scientists artificially induced the second major snowstorm to wreak havoc in Beijing this season, state media said, reigniting debate over the practice of tinkering with Mother Nature.

After the earliest snow to hit the capital in 22 years fell on November 1, the capital was again shrouded in white Tuesday with more snow expected in the coming three days, the National Meteorological Centre said.

The China Daily, citing an unnamed official, said the Beijing Weather Modification Office had artificially induced both storms by seeding clouds with chemicals, a practice that can increase precipitation by up to 20 percent.

The office refused to comment on the report when contacted by AFP. On Tuesday, an official had said the storm was “natural”.

City weather officials have previously said that such methods are aimed at alleviating a drought over much of north China, including Beijing, that has lingered for more than a decade.”

Bill Cotton and I discussed the scientific basis of such claims in Part I [The Rise and Fall of the Science of Weather Modification] in our book

Cotton, W.R. and R.A. Pielke, 2007: Human impacts on weather and climate, Cambridge University Press, 330 pp.

While, the claim in the article illustrates the developing recognition that the human role in the climate system is much more than just the effects from added carbon dioxide, the conclusion that these snowstorms are a result of their weather modification program over China is not scientifically supported.

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