AGU Natural Hazards Focus Group Website Launched

A new AGU website on Natural Hazards has been launched. 

 I am pleased to serve on this Committee as it focuses on the bottom-up resource-based vulnerability prespective that is a much more appropriate framework for policymakers to deal with social and environmental threats, than is the top-down IPCC worldview (e.g. see).  The members of our Committee including short biographers are available at

The focus of the group includes

“The Group promotes fundamental research into the links between extreme natural hazards and dynamic processes on Earth and in space; real-time and long-term monitoring of active processes in the Earth and in space; quantitative natural-hazard modeling that combines geophysical, ecological, societal, and economic aspects of disaster scenarios; studying predictability of natural extreme events, their operational forecasting, and reducing predictive uncertainties; comprehensive interdisciplinary research aimed at reducing vulnerability to both current and future natural hazards; and implementation of effective strategies and designs for hazard mitigation and disaster management worldwide, with particular focus on the most risk-prone areas. The effects of human activities in enhancing geophysical disasters are also of interest of the group.”

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