Post-Doctoral Position With Luyssaert Sebastiaan Of The University of Antwerp On A Much Needed Research Topic

Luyssaert Sebastiaan  of the University on Antwerp in Belgium is announcing a post-doctoral research opportunity on surface interactions within the climate system.

The background presented in the announcement provides an example of the much needed broadening of the climate issues with respect to how the environment is affected. The text in the announcement reads

“We are seeking a POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE to strengthen a newly established ERC research team that aims to quantify and understand the role of forest management in mitigating climate change. Specifically, the team wants to challenge the current focus on the carbon cycle and replace it with a total climate impact approach. Hence, the whole forest management spectrum ranging from short rotation coppice to old-growth forests will be analyzed for its effects on the water, energy and carbon cycles. Climate response of forest will be quantified by means of albedo, evapotranspiration, greenhouse gas sources and sinks and their resulting climate feedback mechanisms.”

The responsibilites of the postion are

“The major focus of the position is placed on research and to a lesser extent supervision of research students. The successful candidate will reinforce and widen the expertise of the team while strengthening synergies within the LSCE. Research duties include literature study, data processing, model development (ORCHIDEE), model validation (ORCHIDEE-IPSL; a coupled climate land-surface model), participation in scientific conferences and publication in peer reviewed international journals. The successful candidate will be encouraged to generate external funding in her/his area and as such contribute to further establishing the team. The position is available for up to 5 yrs.”

The qualifications are

“Given the interdisciplinary nature of the research we are seeking for a highly motivated individual with a Ph.D. and broad interest in natural sciences more specific forest ecology (biogeochemistry, management, ecosystem services), climatology (boundary layer, albedo, roughness length, cloud formation) and their mutual interactions. Rather than for a specific training, we are looking for a candidate who is able to demonstrate her/his ability to publish peer-reviewed papers and communicate in English. Priority will be given to candidates who can demonstrate experience in programming, statistical analysis and manipulating large data sets. Of special relevance is proven ability to be dynamic, creative, open and work collaboratively with a team of scientists.”

This is an exciting opportunity for young researchers who want to significantly expand the understanding of the climate system.

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