American Meteorlogical Society Council To Meet Today On Draft Statement On Inadvertant Weather Modification”

On August 10 2009, I posted

Comment By Roger A. Pielke Sr. on the “AMS Policy Statement on Geoengineering the Climate System” – An Example Of Conflict of Interest

In that post, I documented the failure of the American meteorological Society Council (AMS) to properly AMS proceedure on our draft AMS Policy Statement on Inadvertent Weather Modification, which is given in its entirety in my August 10th post.  

Today, Thursday October 1, the Chair of the committee which completed our draft statement on inadvertent weather modification will be available by teleconference at a discussion and Council vote on our draft, along with the Chair of the  committee drafting the AMS Policy Statement on Planned Weather Modification. The AMS procedure, which was e-mailed to our committee, is the following

“The Council could approve one or both Precis as early as Thursday…..  Or, in an unlikely case, request a revision that would require an e-ballot (a 14-day process).  We’ll try to refrain from that course and take an “as amended” vote, meaning if any amendments are agreed to during the call, they’ll vote on those and I’ll resubmit the final version afterwards.

The “Statement Clock” begins when Council Finally approves the Precis. This can happen as early as Thursday, or they can discuss then but take
it to an electronic vote and have 14-days to decide. When approved, the committee begins immediately and has  2 months  to write and finalize a draft of ~750 words (per statement). EACH Committee should hold a conference call to have a group discussion. The finalized draft is submitted to an AMS editor, who reviews it for 7 days (with modification as needed) and sends to AMS Council If Council approves, then the document(s) is (are) sent electronically to AMS Community for comment (posting lasts: 30 days).

Writing committee must respond to each comment (or groupings of comments if they are thematic in subject) and send back to Council. Council has 2 months to review comments. If Council agrees with your comments, then statement is instantly approved. If Council does not agree, then Council may hold a conference call to rectify looming issues.

In the rare event that disputes remain open, then the committee is dissolved and the process begins anew with a new committee.”

I will update as soon as I can on my weblog, when I have information as to what decision was reached.

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