Follow Up To Henk Tennekes’s Guest Weblog

Follow Up: February 3 2009: Gavin Schmidt has ignored my request to write a guest weblog, or to respond to the science questions that I have raised (e.g. see). I have now accepted that he is not interested in scientific debate, and, thus, will not expend any more time seeking to correct the misinformation regarding the modeling of climate that he is presenting on Real Climate.

In response to today’s weblog Real Climate Suffers from Foggy Perception by Henk Tennekes, Gavin Schmidt and I have e-mailed to each other several times today. He is offended by the weblog and stated that it inaccurately reported on his professional credentials. Thus I invited him to write a response as a guest weblog on Climate Science to refute the claims make in the weblog from earlier today. Hopefully, he will accept.

I also invited him to move beyond this issue. Specifically, I wrote this to him in one of the e-mails;

“Others who read our weblogs will benefit if we move the discussion to a scientific level, and I am prepared to work with you on this. Here is a proposal: what if we both presented a Q&A from you and I on both of our websites (identical presentations)? This would provide readers with an informative set of viewpoints with which everyone would benefit.”

If he accepts this offer, the climate community would significantly benefit by reading where we agree and where we disagree on the science issues. We could start, for example, on which of the three hypotheses reported in Three Climate Change Hypotheses – Only One Of Which Can Be True we conclude have been refuted. He certainly has the professional credentials to contribute significantly to this discussion.


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