Modeling Aerosol-Radiation-Cloud And Precipitation Processes In The Mediterranean Region By Kallos Et Al. 2008

One of my colleagues, who I have the highest respect for, Professor George Kallos of the University of Athens, has another excellent study of a weather and climate issue, which is reported on below.

A presentation in Cyprus entitled Modeling Aerosol-Radiation-Cloud and Precipitation Processes in the Mediterranean Region by George Kallos and colleagues from the University of Athens School of Physics, Atmospheric Modeling and Weather Forecasting Group. The motivation for the study are listed as:

  • Physiographic characteristics are partially responsible for the formation of particular climatic conditions in the Mediterranean Region.
  • Regional climatic patterns are defined as a result of balancing between large scale flow and mesoscale circulations.
  • The resulted circulation has a general trend from North to South (pressure gradient and differential heating between land and water).
  • Air masses reaching the Mediterranean region are not clearly defined as pure maritime or continental because their characteristics are modified relatively fast.
  • The air masses in the area have a mixture of natural and anthropogenic origin aerosols with varying optical and hygroscopic properties.
  • Therefore, aerosol-cloud-radiation processes have some unique characteristics.
  • Desert dust and sea salt are major sources of PM [particulate matter] in the atmosphere.
  • Their impacts in the atmosphere are many and of course the feedbacks are considerable.
  • The impacts are ranging from modification of the radiative forcing to cloud formation and precipitation.
  • Therefore, perturbations in dust and/or sea salt particle production can have impacts on radiative properties, cloud formation and water budget.
  • These links are not one way but there are feedbacks that are critical for both meteorological and climatological-scale phenomena.
  • The links and feedbacks become more complicated because of the coexistence of anthropogenically-produced aerosols and chemical transformations.

This presentation was also provided by Dr. Kallos in describing CIRCE: Climate Change and Impact ResearCh: the Mediterranean Environment

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