Yet Another EGU Meeting That Demonstrates The Diversity Of Climatte Forcings: “Biospheric Feedbacks In The Climate System In The Past, Present, And Future”

Thanks to Martin Claussen, Victor Brovkin, and Ning Zeng there is another meeting which shows the complexity of the climate system. It is

“Biospheric feedbacks in the climate system in the past, present, and future”  (Session CL21) at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna, 19 – 24 April 2009. Convener: Claussen, M.  Co-Conveners: Brovkin, V.; Zeng, N.

The meeting outline is given as

Contributions are welcome in the field of:
a) Global scale vegetation dynamics and feedback with climate system dynamics

b) Interaction between vegetation feedbacks on a local scale and global scale feedbacks
c) Global and continental scale anthropogenic land cover change, past, present, future
d) Lifespan of the biosphere, astrobiology
e) Concepts and simplified models of climate-ecosystem feedbacks
f) Comprehensive dynamic global ecosystem models
h) Global data sets for feedbacks assessment

Solicited presentation:
“Climate-Vegetation Feedbacks on different scales” by Dekker SC, de Boer HJ and Rietkerk M

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 13 JANUARY 2009. The deadline for registration is 31 MARCH 2008.
Details about the conference and submission of abstracts can be found at:

While the policy community and media continue to erroneously hammer that the addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is the dominate human climate forcing, the several meeting at the EGU this Spring (see and see, also) illustrate that the climate, in reality is much more complex and difficult to predict than has been communicated by the IPCC and CCSP reports to the politicians and public.


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