An Excellent Media Summary On The Need For Regional and Local Climate And Other Evironmental Information

An excellent news report on the need for regional and local scale climate and environmental information has been published on April 19, 2007 in the Guardian Unlimited. The article is by James Bloom and is entitled “Think global, calculate local”.

The reference to my perspective is accurately written;

“He resigned from the IPCC in 1995 because of a disagreement over what should constitute a First Order Climate Forcing. He says: ‘The leadership of the IPCC has decided to focus on a global average surface temperature perspective and CO2 Forcing as the most important issues. This is an inappropriately narrow view of the human role in the climate system.’

Pielke thinks the governing bodies should take a bottom-up perspective, giving more prominence to local events such as deforestation. ‘As with an El Niño, which alters rainfall patterns thousands of kilometres away, land use change can alter rainfall and other aspects of the climate system across long distances, even in the absence of a global average surface temperature change.'”

The entire news article is worth reading.

Finally, the media is presenting more balance in their coverage of the diverse perspectives on the climate change issue.

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