Human Impacts on Weather and Climate Available at Discount to Blog Readers!

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Soon to be published by Cambridge University Press the Second Edition of…

Human Impacts on Weather and Climate
Second Edition
William R. Cotton
Colorado State University
and Roger A. Pielke, Sr.
University of Colorado, Boulder

This new edition of Human Impacts on Weather and Climate examines the scientific and political debates surrounding anthropogenic impacts on the Earth’s climate and presents the most recent theories, data and modeling studies. The book discusses the concepts behind deliberate human attempts to modify the weather through cloud seeding, as well as inadvertent modification of weather and climate on the regional scale. The natural variability of weather and climate greatly complicates our ability to determine a clear cause-and-effect relationship to human activity. The authors describe the basic theories and critique them in simple and accessible terms. This fully revised edition will be a valuable resource for undergraduate and graduate courses in atmospheric and environmental science, and will also appeal to policymakers and general readers interested in how humans are affecting the global climate.

February 2007 247 x 174 mm 320pp 64 line diagrams 20 halftones
20 colour plates 104 figures

Hardback £65.00 978-0-521-84086-6
Paperback £29.99 978-0-521-60056-9

For more information or to order your inspection copy visit:

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