Announcement Of A Meeting On Climate Models Intercomparison: Dynamics and Physical Processes

There is going to be an important session at the upcoming European Geosciences Union General Assembly, to be held in Vienna in the period 15-20 April 2007. A session is being organized by Valerio Lucarini, Aad Van Ulden and Masahide Kimoto to provide a context for discussing strategies for auditing climate models in terms of their dynamics and of their physical processes.

The session is CL40 “Climate Models Intercomparison: Dynamics and Physical Processes”.
Abstracts are due by January 15 2007.

The Climate Models Intercomparison: Dynamics and Physical Processes session announcement reads

“Convener: Lucarini, V. Co-Convener: Van Ulden, A.; Kimoto, M.

The goal of this session is to provide a space for discussing and detailing new approaches for auditing climate models (global and regional) in order to assess their degree of self-consistency and realism. Today, the intercomparison of climate models is greatly favoured by the collection on single servers of standardized outputs of several models running under well-defined scenarios. Contributions should focus on the dynamical properties of climate models as well as on their representation of some key physical processes, thus going beyond the typical time-mean diagnostics. Contributions focusing on nonlinearity of the processes as well as on nonlinear methodologies for data analysis are also welcome.

This session should provide a much needed discussion of multi-decadal global climate simulations.

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