Merger Of Air Quality Studies and Weather And Climate Research

I presented a lecture at the 2005 the Golden Jubilee of the EPA/NOAA partnership in Durham, North Carolina entitled “The Partnership of Weather and Air Quality“.

The report version of my talk

Pielke Sr. R.A., 2006: The partnership of weather and air quality – An essay. Atmospheric Science Paper No. 770, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523, 44 pp. is now available.

The abstract reads,

“As part of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the EPA/NOAA partnership, this paper provides a perspective on the movement towards a merger of the disciplines of weather and air quality science. Also presented are several major conclusions regarding the modeling of atmospheric dispersion, which have resulted in the use of combined knowledge from both disciplines These conclusions include the recognition that dispersion is greater than evaluated from Gaussian models in situations with significant large scale wind flow over heterogeneous landscapes, but overestimated in light wind conditions, particularly in heterogeneous landscapes.

Methodologies are proposed that would improve the ability to model the interactions of weather and air quality. These include the replacement of existing parameterizations with much more computationally efficient look-up-tables, the calculation of the linear and nonlinear components of the models separately, and use of wind tunnel modeling to improve the accuracy of the numerical models.”

The report includes discussion on the merger of research between traditional air quality studies and climate, since atmospheric chemistry and the dispersion of natural and anthropogenic aerosols into the atmosphere are integral components of the climate system [e.g. see the 2005 National Research Council Report: Radiative forcing of climate change: Expanding the concept and addressing uncertainties].

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