2006 SORCE Science Meeting Overview

An overview of the Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment (SORCE) meeting that has been discussed on the Climate Science Weblog (e.g. see) is given in the September/October SORCE newsletter. A link to the Solar Spectral Irradiance & Climate Modeling Workshop that immediately preceded the SORCE meeting is also provided as part of this overview (see).

The agenda and powerpoint slides (for those that are available) for that excellent workshop are given below:

Presentation 1 Workshop Goals
Peter Pilewskie, LASP

Presentation 2 Welcome / SORCE Update
Tom Woods, LASP

Presentation 3 Overview of measured SORCE SSI and its variability
Jerry Harder, LASP

Presentation 4 Empirical Modes of UV Variations
Alexander Ruzmaikin, JPL, California Institute of Technology

Presentation 5 Overview of models of SSI variability (time scales, users, applications)
Judith Lean, NRL, Washington DC

Presentation 6 Paleoclimate applications
Caspar Ammann, NCAR

Discussion (led by Peter Pilewskie)

Presentation 7 Coupled climate/atmospheric models
WACCM – Dan Marsh, NCAR
HAMMONIA – Hauke Schmidt, Max Planck Institute, Germany & Guy Brasseur, NCAR
GISS – Judith Lean, NRL

Presentation 8 Earth atmospheric radiative transfer applications
Jennifer Delamere, Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), Inc.

Presentation 9 Spectral Solar Irradiance Sources
Juan Fontenla, LASP

Presentation 10 LASP Interactive Solar Irradiance Datacenter (LISIRD) Update
Marty Snow, LASP

Discussion (led by Peter Pilewskie)

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