Summary Perspective By Professor William R. Cotton On The Subject of Climate Variability And Change

Professor William R. Cotton is on the faculty of Colorado State University. Among his numerous professional credentials, he is an internationally respected expert in the aerosol effects on weather and climate. He is also extensively cited in the peer reviewed literature (see ISI ). His research webpage provides specific documentation of his extensive credentials (see).

In the context of multi-decadal climate model predictions, Bill has not been often asked for his views. With his permission, I have reproduced below a quote he provided recently to a news reporter.

“Climate variability has been with Earth for eons. Greenhouse warming is only one factor affecting climate change. There are many other factors some associated with human activity, many not, and not all processes associated with climate variability have been quantitatively identified. Therefore I am skeptical about claims of forecasts of what the climate will be like in say, 5, 10 years or more. I also view claims that a few years of abnormal weather (like intense hurricane landfalls, severe storms and floods, and droughts) to be caused by human activity as abuse of limited scientific knowledge.”

When the discussion comes up as to who has views that differ from that given in international climate assessments such as the IPCC, the media needs to ask a broader spectrum of the climate science community.

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