Further Comments on the Denver Post article “Global Warming?”

In order to further correct the Denver Post news article entitled “Global Warming”, I am commenting today about another aspect of that report.

The text included the statements,

“Chris Folland, a researcher at Britain’s Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction, said the data points in one direction. ‘We’ve shown that the climate change is a true thing,” he said. “We’ve done that with global averages, since that was easiest.”The American government might not agree,’ Folland said. ‘Most American scientists do.’â€?

This quote (by a very respected scientist) makes the mistake of assuming that “climate changeâ€? is equivalent to the change in climate caused by the radiative effect of CO2. This error is repeatedly made in the news media, but as reported in the 2005 National Research Council report (which has been universally ignored by the media) and on Climate Science (see), climate variability and change involves a diverse range of human- and natural-climate forcings. Informed readers will recognize that the news article is not presenting a balanced view when such an error is committed

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