Erroneous Presentation of My Views on Climate In the Media

A press release by Paradise Post reported on an important problem with the lack of a balanced presentation of climate science in the media. However, there are several falsehoods that are included with respect to my views. A correction is essential.

The news release stated

” He says most scientists are not willing to claim global warming is the fault of humans and their lifestyle.”

This is not my perspective. As I have summarized on the Climate Science weblog, humans activities do significantly alter the heat content of the climate system, although, based on the latest understanding, the radiative effect of CO2 has contributed, at most, only about 28% to the human-caused warming up to the present. The other 72% is still a result of human activities!(see).

The article stated,

“The professor also challenged recommendations made at the end of the program to reduce atmospheric emissions of carbon dioxide, saying such a program is really a waste of time and energy.”

I never made such a challenge. Indeed, I endorse the development of alternative energy and energy efficiency, both of which could save us money, reduce our dependence on foreign fossil fuel, as well as reduce emissions of gases and aerosols into the atmosphere, including CO2 (see).

The attribution to me of the statement

“Their theories have been disputed by former colleagues and a current co-worker, according to Pielke, who noted, “Oppenheimer serves as an adviser to a left-wing activist group, Environmental Defense.”

is wrong. I never made this statement. To place quotes around statements that I did not make is completely unacceptable and inappropriate.

The press release could have made their points without creating fictional quotes and views that I did not make.

I am sorry to see that media bias exists on all sides of the presentation of views on climate.

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