AND AEROSOL WORKSHOP ON CLIMATE PREDICTION UNCERTAINTIES is being held this week. The talks and posters, which are listed below, promise a very important and informative meeting.

Institutional Hosts: Terry Wallace and Doug Beason
Technical Hosts: Petr Chylek, and Manvendra Dubey
Sponsored by LANL CSSE(ISR) and IGPP(EES) , Univ. of Washington, Seattle and the Amercian Meteorlogical Society

Monday July 16, 2006

Welcome: LANL Senior Management 8.30-9.20

J. Douglas Beason, Associate Director, Threat Reduction
Allan Bishop, Associate Director, Theory, Sim. & Comp.
Mary Neu, Associate Director, Chem. Life & Earth Sciences
Introduction: P. Chylek, Conference Chair 9.20-9.30

Climate Change

Chair: John Christy

C. Folland, et al., Decadal to Inter-Decadal Climate Variability 9.30 – 9.55
V. Ramaswamy, Global Climate Change in the 20th Century 9.55 -10.20
G. North, Sensitivity of Climate to Changes in CO2 10.55-11.20
C. Essex Virtual Butterfly Effect 11.20-11.45
S. Schwartz, Response Time of Global Mean Surface T 11.45-12.05

Remote Sensing: In Memory of Yoram Kaufman (Part 1)

Chair: Gerald North

Daphne Kaufman, Memory of Yoram 1:30-1.35
L. Remer, Using MODIS Aerosol Products 1.35-2.00
Y. Kaufman, V. Martins, L. Remer, Aerosol Effect 2.00-2.25
B. Cairns, Polarimetric Remote Sensing, NASA Glory 2.25-2.50
W. Feldman*, Remote Sensing of Mars 2.50-3.15
D. Tanre, Polarization and Anisotropy of Reflectance 3.15-3.40
C. Popp et al., AOD Retrieval over Central Europe 3.40-4.05

Remote Sensing: In Memory of Yoram Kaufman (Part 2)

Chair: Chris Folland

Koren, Pushing the Envelope of Aerosol Research 4.15-4.40
P. Alpert, et al., Global Dimming or Local Dimming? 4.40-5.05
T. Takemura, et al., Aerosol Effect on Climate System 5.05-5.25
B. Henderson, et el., Overview of MTI 5.25-5.45
R. Kahn, Using Passive Remote Sensing Aerosol Data 5.45-6.05

TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2006

Solar Variability and Cosmic Rays

Chair: Didier Tanre

P. Brekke, New Knowledge about the Sun 8.00-8.20
R. Willson, Solar Radiation 8.20-8.40
D. Rosenfeld, Cosmic Rays 8.40-9.00
E. Palle, Solar Acticity and Cosmic Rays 9.00-9.20
N. Scaffeta, Solar Variability and Global Warming 9.20-9.40

Climate Change: Observations

Chair: Ross McKitrick

J. Veizer, Climate, Water and Carbon Cycle 9.50-10.15
J. Christy, Surface and Tropospheric Temperature Changes 10.15-10.40
R. Pielke, Sr., Multi-decadal Surface Temperature Trends 10.40-11.05
P. Chylek et al., Greenland Climate Change 11.05-11.25
Q. Fu, Global Warming Seen from Satellites 11.25-11.45


The Next Ice Age

Chair: V. Ramaswamy

G. Kukla, Interglacials Marked by Global Cooling 1.15-1.40
A. Berger, M.-F. Loutre, A Postponed Next Ice Age? 1.40-2.05
L. Franzen, Peatland/Ice Age Hypothesis 2.05-2.30
J. Sachs, Cooling of the NW Atlantic and Gulf Stream 2.30-2.50

Hurricanes and Global Warming

Chair: R. Pielke Sr.

W. Gray, Tropical Cyclone Activity and Global SST 3.00-3.25
J. Reisner, Why Di Hurricane Models Fail 3.25-3.45
X.-M. Shao et al., Hurricane Lightning 3.45-4.05
S. Fernandez, Predicting Hurricane Impacts 4.05-4.25
J. Marusek et al., Forecasting Extreme Weather Events 4.25-4.45

Poster/Oral Presentations I

Chair: C. Zender

T. Kubar, Tropical high clouds 5.00-5.03
C. Johanson, Antarctic radiosonde temperature records 5.03-5.06
B. Hammerschmidt et al., Columnar Water Vapor 5.06-5.09
C.Lai, Biochemistry of clathrate hydrates 5.09-5.12
D. McDonnell et al., Riparian Canopy Evapotranspiration 5.12-5.15
M. Reiter, Ground surface temperature changes in the Albq. Basin 5.15-5.18
E. Palle, Earth albedo changes 5.18-5.21
A. Dessler, Testing Climate models Using AIRS data 5.21-5.24
E. Richard, Earth magnetism 5.24-5.27
J. Marusek, Cosmic rays and hurricanes 5.27-5.30
B. Abubakar, New challenges leading to global warming 5.30-5.33
B. Abubakar, New challenges threatening the ozone layer 5.33-5.36
P. Kithil, Oceanic Forced Upwelling 5.36-5.39
Ginnebaugh: Air pollution impacts of ethanol 5.39-5.42

Dinner Speaker
G. Geernaert, Climate Change & Regional Security


Aerosols and Climate

Chair: D. Rosenfeld

C. Tomasi et al., Aerosols in Polar Region 8.00-8.25
S. Kinne, Aerosol Direct radiative Forcing 8.25-8.50
M. Jacobson, Fossil-Fuel Soot and Global Warming 8.50-9.15
P. Buseck, et al., Soot Aggregates 9.15-9.40
C. Zender, Polar Climate and Absorbing Aerosols 9.40-10.05
A. Heymsfield et al., Droplet Freezing in Maritime Clouds 10.05-10.30

Climate Change and Climate Sensitivity

Chair: C. Essex

R. McNider, Climate Feedback in Stable Nocturnal BL 10.40-11.00
A. Hall, Snow Albedo Feedback 11.00-11.20
P. Spichtinger, et al., Impact of Cirrus Clouds 11.20-11.40
S. Gray et al., Multi-decadal and Multi-century Modes 11.40-12.00
J. Heikoop et al., Paleoclimate Record from the Valles Caldera 12.00-12.20

Climate and Energy

Chair: R. McNider

R. McKitrick, Temperature Trends and Economic Activity 1.45-2.10
H. Ziock, CO2 Emission: The Issue of Scale 2.10-2.30
G. Guthrie, Sequestering CO2 underground 2.30-2.50
M. Dubey et al., Global Hydrogen Economy 2.50-3.10

Oceans, Ice, and Rivers

Chair: A Hall

S. Elliot, Biochemistry in LA Ocean Models 3.20-3.40
W. Merryfield, Abrupt transitions in Arctic summer sea ice extent 3.40-4.00
H. Volz, Sea surface emissivity 4.00-4.20
E. Kennel, Fertilizer runoff an ocean warming 4.20-4.40
K. Eggert, Amazon Basin run-off simulations in global context 4.40-5.00

Poster/Oral Presentation

Chair Hans Moosmuller 5.15-5.45

Leahy: SSA of biomass burning aerosols
Chakrabarty: Refractive indices of biomass aerosols
Q. Fu*: Parameterizations of Small ice cirrus
Lewis: Scattering and absorption by wood smoke
Zhang: Regional impacts of rising Asian emissions
Henderson: Nauru island aerosols by remote sensing
Kok: Mineral dust aerosol enhancements by electric forces
Mahowald: Global trends in visibility: Dust
Robinson: MODIS radiances: noise and calibration
Patadia: Sattalite estimates of direct radiative forcing
Diehl: Global emissions inventory and trends of aerosols
Loeffler: Aerosol single scatter albedo in Mexico City


Opening Remarks: M. Dubey, Workshop Chair 8.00-8.05

Aerosol and Cloud Interactions and Feedbacks

Chair: Steve Schwartz

W. Cotton: Simulation of aerosol-cloud interactions 8.05-8.30
S. Menon: Representing aerosol-cloud int. in global models 8.30-8.55
W. Conant: Unraveling aerosol-cloud interactions 8.55-9.20
D. Rosenfeld: A new paradigm: air pollution+covection 9.20-9.45

Chair: Qiang Fu

A. Nenes: Aerosol cloud int.: What do observations tell us 10.00-10.25
J. Reisner: Cloud resolving analysis of DYACOMS-data 10.25-10.50
Magi: Direct forcing by biomass burning in S. Africa 10.50-11.15
G. McFarquhar: Cloud feedbacks 11.15-11.40
:X Li: Aerosol Indirect Effect in deep precipitations 11.40-12.00

Aerosol-Clouds from Space

Chair: N. Mahowald

Harshvardhan: Aerosol Cloud Interactions from Space 1.15-1.40
S. Christopher: Satellite derived Aerosol direct forcing 1.40-2.05
S. Massie: Aerosol Indirect Effect over India 2.05-2.30
Tad Anderson: Spaceborne LIDAR 2.30-2.55

Dust and Natural Aerosols

Chair: Harshvardhan

N. Mahowald: Climate response to dust 3.05-3.30
I. Sokolik: Dust modeling 3.30-3.55
R. Miller: Constraints on Dust Cycle 3.55-4.15
G. Jennings: Marine aerosols 4.20-4.45
Obenholzner: Chemical & physical data on volcanic aerosols 4.45-5.05

Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics and Radiation

Chair: C. E. Kolb

S. Martin:Aerosol transformations and climate change 8.00-8.25
P. Arnott: Humidity effects on aerosol absorption 8.25-8.50
H. Moosmuller: SSA measurements of smoke 8.50-9.15
B. Henson*: Soot-water uptake model for CCN 9.15 -9.40

Chair: S. Martin

S. Lee: Sulfuric acid nucleation in lower troposphere 10.00-10.25
A. Caboussat: Thermodynamics of organic aerosols 10.25-10.50
H. Moosmuller: ShWave aerosol measurements for climate 10.50-11.15
A. Davis: 3-D radiation effects in clouds 11.15-11.40

Aerosols and Pollution in Megacities

Chair: M. Jacobson

C. E. Kolb: Megacity Respiration 1-1.25
R. G. Pinnick: Urban aerosols in Adelphi, Maryland 1.25-1.50
L. Paredes-Miranda: Absorption & Scattering in Mexico 1.50-2.05
S. Olsen: Radiative forcing by Mexico City emissions 2.05-2.30
T. Rahn: Hydrogen cycle in Mexico City 2.30-2.55

Closing Remarks: Lessons Learned and Path Forward
Steve Schwartz and M. Dubey 2.55-3.15



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