New Valuable Professional Journal

There is a valuable new publication that has been introduced by the The Meteorological Society of Japan . It is called SOLA and information is available online as to how to submit papers (see).

As communicated me by Dr. Takehiko Satomura of the Climate Physics Lab., Division of Earth and Planetary Science at Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan,

“SOLA (Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere) is a new electronic journal published by the Meteorological Society of Japan (MSJ) started from 1 January 2005. SOLA is a medium for the electronic publication of short letters in the atmospheric science and related interdisciplinary studies. It is an electronic Journal open to the public through the Internet and is aimed for rapid reporting of recent significant discoveries. The decision of acceptance or rejection of submitted articles is done within two moths after the submission. The Journal publishes research letters by members and nonmembers of the Society and is posted as soon as the paper is accepted.”

The value of this new journal is that it very effectively utilizes the current technology to provide rapid dissemination of new and important reserarch results, without compromising rigorous peer review. The availability of such a journal from such a prestigiouos professional society as the MSJ eliminates the seemingly arbitrary rejection of even reviewing research papers, as identified on James Annan’s website with respect to his submission of a paper to Nature. It will also eliminate unreasonable delay in the publication of papers (my 2005 paper with Christopher Davey entitled “Microclimate exposures of surface-based weather stations – implications for the assessment of long-term temperature trends” took over three years to publish in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society!).

I urge the climate community to ultilize this effective new resource, and look forward to alerting readers of the Climate Science weblog to research papers that are published in SOLA.

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