Fundamental Global Warming Conclusions

Today’s weblog invites counter scientific arguments on several scientific conclusions that we have raised on the Climate Science weblog:

1. As was evaluated in the weblog of April 27 2006 “What Fraction of Global Warming is Due to the Radiative Forcing of Increased Atmospheric Concentrations of CO2?”;

-The human contribution to global warming up to the present from the radiative effect of added CO2 is estimated as at most 28 %.

2. As documented in Willis et al 2004, and discussed on the Climate Science weblog (e.g. see “Comments on the Jim Hansen “super-El Niño Predictionâ€?).;

-Most global warming has been in the Southern Hemisphere midlatitude oceans and north Atlantic.

3. As documented in Pielke and Matsui 2005 , and discussed on the Climate Science website (e.g. Why there is a Warm Bias in the Existing Analyses of the Global Average Surface Temperature) there is an amplified temperature increase in near surface air temperatures on light wind nights which is significantly larger than a temperature increase higher in the surface air;

-Thus there is a widespread warm bias in the use of minimum surface air temperatures as the assessment of global warming.

Each of these conclusions raises serious issues which need to be addressed in national and international assessments of the human influence on the climate system.

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