A Fox News Channel Documentary aired last evening May 21st entitled “Global Warming: The Debate Continues.â€? The Documentary was very informative in communicating the need to assess the risk to society of global warming relative to other natural- and human-caused risks. This “vulnerability” framework is a theme that has been emphasized on the Climate Science weblog (e.g. see and see). The use of the vulnerability perspective would allow policymakers the ability to quantify risk from the spectrum of environmental and social risks, rather then replying on hyperbole in the media (e.g. see) to drive the policy agenda.

I would like to see a Part II of the Fox News Documentary, where the diversity of climate forcings, beyond global warming are discussed, as well as what are the effective climate metrics to assess climate variability and change. These topics have been discussed frequently on Climate Science, as they are inadequately covered in the existing international and national assessments of climate change.

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